sinEdIe 2016


Menhir, Cyanotype. Lugares de poder. 2016.

sinEdIe 2016 coordinated by jaime Rguez
Container design by uh513
Edition nº13 (from 2003)

We are so glad to participate in sinEdIe 16, a mail-art magazine, on its 13th edition. Several artists send out their works and we did a special Cyanotype for it. We can´t wait to touch what´s inside our number! But you can see all of them here.

Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid


Part of “Menhir, Installation-0” will be at the Sala de Arte Joven Av. América, in Madrid. Together with other young asturian artists of the 26º Muestra de Artes Plásticas del Principado de Asturias, curated by Luis Féas.

Till 13th november.

Free entrance.

C/ Avenida de América, 13
28002 Madrid
From tuesday to saturday  11-14h / 17- 20.30 h.
Sundays 11.00 a 14.00 h.

Here you can find more info.

(Image: Laura Flys.)

Menhir, Instalación 0 at Cicus, Sevilla.

We are participating in the collective exhibition “Lo audiovisual” at CICUS, Sevilla, from May 4 to July 12.

An exhibition curated by Alicia Ventura, that shows the sound art pieces of the 9915 collectors.

Artists: Eder Santos, Sergio Prego, Begoña Montalbán, Paco Guillén, Ignacio Llamas, Federico Guzmán, Glenda León, Manu Arregui, Coco Moya e Iván Cebrián, Zsolt Asztalos, Leslie Deere, Iñaki Bonillas, Juan del Juanco, Pep Fajardo, Samuel Ortí y Nelo Vinuesa, Susan Philipsz, Mario García Torres, Adam Pendleton y Arturo Hernández Alcázar.