Menhir is a collective formed by the visual artist Coco Moya and the musician and psychologist Iván Cebrián, based in Madrid.

Their research is focused on the notion of speculative territory and the states of consciousness, through sound installations, performances, rituals, videos or publications. They are interested in the generation of fields of action, capable of transform the relations between space, people, and forces crossing it.

They recover the geomancy as a knowledge methodology and as a practice of the space. Therefore, they consider their works as virtual menhirs, placed in an expanded site - a physical territory, an event in time, or an internal state-, aming to redirect its meaning towards affection, belonging, and interdependance, under an animist techno-nature conception of life.

They have performed and showcased their works at art centers such as the Spanish Academy of Rome, Casa Encendida, Matadero Madrid, Human Evolution Museum, LABoral Art Center, Cerezales Fundation, Centro Centro Cibeles, Sala de Armas de la Ciudadela, among others. They have won art prizes and grants in Spain, such us “Claves” from the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, “LABjoven Los Bragales” at LABoral Art Center, or the grant for art production by the Community of Madrid, and guest composers at EMS.

They have published several albums such us “Music for mountain” (2016), “Sound Track” (2018) at Submarine Broadcasting Company, the single “Osiris” (2021) at OigoVisiones Label, and soon they will publish their latest LP “Geomantic works” (2022) at Piano and Coffee Records.


Geomantic Works. Piano and Coffee Label, 2022

Just Before Silence, With Suso Saiz. Phanton Limb. 2022

Osiris 2021 Oigovisiones Label.

Encuentros sonoros, Editorial Complutense, Madrid, 2021

Sound Track, 2018. Submarine Broadcasting Records UK.

LAB+10 LABoral Centro de Arte.

Pistas de tierra, tierra de sonido. Efímera. 2016.

Menhir, Music for mountain, 2016.

LABoral Centro de Arte Menhir, Instalación 0, 2011