Menhir, Music for mountain. 

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Composed by: Iván Cebrián and Coco Moya.
String arrangements: Clara Megías and Hadribasic. Record and mix: Menhir at Errol Films. Master: Fadrique Kindler Von Knobloch and Menhir at Errol films except “Insane Guardian” and “And Trust”, mastered by Scape Mastering (Berlin).
Track List: 

1. El pico de enfrente
2. Insane Guardian
3. Crossland
4. Wolfman
5. Beyond the myself
6. Wide extended earth
7. And trust
8. Never ending try

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Coco Moya:
Voice, lyrics, synths, acoustic guitar, edits, daydreams and mixing.
Iván Cebrián:
Synths, treatments, edits, arrangements, daydreams, sandstorms and mixing.
César Gruart:
Electric guitars, edits, arrangements and mixing.
Linnea Weiss:
Cello and arrangements.
Iván Cebrián.
Menhir 2018.

Track list:

1. Lepsir.
2. Time.
3. The desert.
4. Desierto estrella.
5. Yellow desert.
6. Desert heart.

Menhir, Music for mountain.

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100 CDs hand made limited edition.
Wood, metacrilate, and lasercut.

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Sound Track.
(Limited edition). 

Inside each of the 15 stones there is an Mp3 with the music of Sound Track, the music we composed for a documentary film about saharaui camps in the Argelian desert.
Each stone is hand made and you have to break it to access the music and the Mp3 Player.
You will have access to download the digital music in bandcamp.

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