Menhir, Music for mountain.

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Composed by: Iván Cebrián and Coco Moya.
String arrangements: Clara Megías and Hadribasic. Record and mix: Menhir at Errol Films. Master: Fadrique Kindler Von Knobloch and Menhir at Errol films except “Insane Guardian” and “And Trust”, mastered by Scape Mastering (Berlin).
Track List: 

1. El pico de enfrente
2. Insane Guardian
3. Crossland
4. Wolfman
5. Beyond the myself
6. Wide extended earth
7. And trust
8. Never ending try

Limited edition:
CDs hand made limited edition.
Wood, metacrilate, and lasercut. (Sold out)


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Coco Moya:
Voice, lyrics, synths, acoustic guitar, edits, daydreams and mixing.
Iván Cebrián:
Synths, treatments, edits, arrangements, daydreams, sandstorms and mixing.
César Gruart:
Electric guitars, edits, arrangements and mixing.
Linnea Weiss:
Cello and arrangements.
Iván Cebrián.
Menhir 2018.

Track list:

1. Lepsir.
2. Time.
3. The desert.
4. Desierto estrella.
5. Yellow desert.
6. Desert heart.

Limited edition:
15 stones-mp3
Ceramic, Mp3 player. (Sold out)